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TEASE is an ANNUAL Pan-Sexual, Pan-Kink, outdoor Canadian Alternative Lifestyle Educational Camping Convention. Open to all adults, 18 years old and above; Singles, Couples, Triads, Quads, Families, Poly, Swingers, Monogamous, Celibate, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Curious, Complicated, or Uncertain,,, from around the world – located on 300 acres of Kink Friendly, VERY PRIVATE Land, 20 minutes north of Barrie, in lovely Ontario, Canada. You can take nature walks, relax next to babbling brooks, and commune with nature - the same time you are educating yourself and practicing your kink !

5 days and 4 nights of wild fun and quality education, with; Workshops, Hands on Demos (Xploratorium), fun BDSM Games, a drumming circle, a 15' tall Wicker Man (ceremony), Dom/sub charity auction, Socials, nightly Play Parties, bonfires, Free Door prizes, as well as Camping with, and meeting new friends.

TEASE 2012 includes a non-mandatory "THEME" for each night; details of, Ichi-Yoru (First Night), Inferno, Tribal, and Carnival; can be found on the INFO page.

TEASE is a PRIVATE, Pre-Paid Registered Members ONLY event - and is a Community Educational Event; brought to you by the BDSM London Munch, Dark Angel's Lair (DAL) of London, and EHBC/KNaNO (of Kitchener).

TEASE is more fun than should be legal; come join us - for Canada's LARGEST Canadian Educational Camping Convention.


with many of our friends from the US joining us





July 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16, 2012




  • Early Bird Registration - $160 per person (or $80 deposit) - August 1 ~ 11:59pm Dec 31, 2011
  • Regular Registration - $180 per person (or $90 deposit) - January 1, 2011 ~ 11:59pm June 15, 2012
  • Procrastinators Registration - $225 per person - June 16, 2012 ~ July 1, 2012
  • Day Passes for TEASE 2012 - TBD
  • Vendors will only be able to participate if they are Full Attendees -Vending only costs an additional $35.
  • Registration is "per person" and each person has to be registered separately
  • Deposit method (50% down) WILL BE available for those who wish to pay in 2 installments
  • For those who choose NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT METHOD (ONLY AVAILABLE TILL APRIL 15th) - if you fail to pay the deposit balance by 11:59 pm May 15, 2012, you will forfeit 100% of your Deposit AND your Reservation AND any Power site payment ON MAY 16, 2012.

Registration CLOSES - July 1, 2012


TEASE 2012 Countdown timer - for those who really really have to know




Hey,, if 2012 is going to herald the end of the world,,, TEASE might be your last chance to go out with a BLAST !!!!


For full details about the Event Rules, click here


Registered and Paid Members for TEASE 2012 can access the TEASE PRIVATE Members area by clicking on this button; Members "user name" and "password" are in your confirmation e-mails

In the PRIVATE Members Area you can; send messages to other Members, post in discussions to the entire group, post personal pics of yourself, as well as change your personal registration data (like nickname, e-mail, address, as well as who you wish to camp with).



Come join us - and GET TEASED !

E-mail - for Registration or Event info - to:


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